What is YOUR I.T?

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Breaking through digital barriers to transform the University of Liverpool.

The digital landscape moves fast, and it does not stop. We all use technology personally and professionally. While technology has become an integral part of our daily existence, not all of us identify as tech-savvy or digitally confident.  

We are all on our own individual tech journey. That is where YOUR I.T. comes in.  

YOUR I.T. commits to supporting each other in navigating that digital journey. Liv Uni’s IT Services team is dedicated to fostering a technologically advanced and innovative environment for both staff and students. We aim to equip our university with cutting-edge tools, resources, and support to enhance the overall learning, research, and administrative experience.  

YOUR I.T. aims to : 

  • Demystify tech for all users 
  • Ensure a seamless tech journey for the university community 
  • Cultivate mindfulness and confidence in tech usage 
  • Maximise individual benefits from tech engagement 
  • Spotlight upcoming IT projects for an enhanced university experience 

So, what do you want your tech journey to be at the University of Liverpool? Follow YOUR I.T. and gain immediate access to the support needed TODAY, the innovative inspiration required for TOMORROW, and the empowerment to confidently navigate the digital world TOGETHER. 

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