Tenure Track Fellowship Scheme

The Institute is committed to providing a supportive environment to encourage and develop Early Career Researchers embarking on an academic career path. All staff are valued members of the team and our guiding philosophy is one of collegiality. Tenure Track Fellowships are for five years. Fellows will be reviewed at the end of year three, when a Faculty level review panel chaired by the Faculty’s Executive Pro-Vice-Chancellor, will consider their eligibility for confirmation in post (permanent tenure).

Integration into the Institute

Fellows will be invited to align to one or more of the Institute’s four cross-cutting research themes. These themes provide a platform to encourage collaboration and cross-disciplinary activities through regular research focused activities, such as the Institute’s weekly seminar programme and theme led away days and workshops.

Fellows will develop and agree their individual career progression plan with their head of department during the early stages of their fellowship. The first year is usually focused on establishing their research programme, with a limited amount of teaching. Teaching and administration will increase over the subsequent period, but this will be carefully considered as part of each fellow’s career progression plan.

Heads of departments and academic colleagues will work with fellows to help identify mentors best suited to their individual areas of interest and their career stage. The Institute has an established network of existing and previous fellows to provide support, offering coaching and guidance on building collaborative relationships and advice on how to navigate Liverpool’s internal systems and processes.

The Institute has an internal grant review system, which invites colleagues to present their concept grant ideas to their peers in an informal setting. This process has proved beneficial and has helped existing and previous fellows to attract small and large amounts of funding to support their research programmes.

Probation and confirmation

Fellows in years one and two of their probationary period will have their progress annually assessed by the Institute’s Staff Review and Development Group through submission of a written report. This offers an early opportunity for probationary staff to evaluate their progress in the lead up to their probationary review/confirmation in post.

Fellows will be considered for confirmation in the latter part of their third year in post. This is a Faculty led process. Fellows will be required to demonstrate that they have achieved certain milestones:


Demonstrate that they have fulfilled the agreed plans and priorities for their research programme to an internationally excellent standard, or demonstrate that their research is progressing towards an internationally excellent standard.

Learning and Teaching 

Demonstrate that they have fulfilled the agreed teaching expectations assigned to them to a standard expected in their subject area - this may include contributions to UG/PG tutorials, lectures, workshops and research projects. Degree of involvement in teaching will be staggered over the probationary period and dependent on the level of appointment

Demonstrate how they have contributed to the student experience at undergraduate and/or postgraduate level, including evidence of PGR supervision where appropriate

Demonstrate that they have completed, or be near to completing within a defined deadline, the Certificate of Professional Studies

Knowledge Exchange

Demonstrate that they have an awareness of potential knowledge exchange audiences and that they have engaged with the internal and external knowledge exchange environment

Contribution and Engagement

Demonstrate their awareness of and alignment with the University’s plans and priorities

Demonstrate that they have fulfilled the agreed leadership and managerial activities assigned to them

Demonstrate their awareness of departmental /institutional plans and priorities and how they contribute to and engage with these

Demonstrate that they have an on-going longer-term career plan

Demonstrate that they have an awareness of the University values