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Maternity Leave

A female member of staff, regardless of length of service, is entitled to take Maternity Leave for the birth of each child. The University has a maternity leave scheme, available to all women who meet the criteria.  Contract researchers, including those funded by external organisations, are employees of the University and are therefore entitled to the same maternity benefits as other staff.

The University’s Maternity Guidance page includes useful tools / information including maternity leave flowcharts for fixed term employeesline managerspermanent employees and principal investigators, maternity leave application form (to accompany MATB1), maternity checklist for employees and maternity leave and pay - key dates table

Paternal Leave

An employee who is the partner of an expectant mother is entitled to paternity support leave if they meet the qualifying criteria.   Please see the University's Paternity Leave policy page for full details.

Shared Parental Leave 

Shared parental leave, which should not be confused with Parental Leave, is a new entitlement for eligible parents of children due to be born or adopted on or after 5 April 2015, to allow parents and adopters more flexibility in how they care for their child during the first year.  Full details are available on the University's Shared Parental Leave web page. 

Institute Support  

The Institute's Athena Swan Committee has introduced an IIB_Maternity/Paternity/Shared Parental/Adoption_Leave_Discussion form to guide line managers / supervisors through the planning process to ensure individuals are well supported during their pregnancy or in the lead up to their leave period.

Tenure-Track Fellowship Scheme

The Faculty of Health and Life Sciences in the University of Liverpool is one of the world’s top 100 centres for Clinical, Preclinical and Health subjects (THE World University Rankings 2014-2015).

We are committed to providing a supportive environment to ensure the optimal growth and development of our Early Career Researchers. Many programmes, support systems and training opportunities are available to give Early Career Researchers the support they need to successfully establish themselves as independent researchers.

The Faculty’s Tenure-track Fellowship scheme was established in 2011 to allow early career researchers to progress their independent research careers by lifting the burden of teaching and administrative work and its success was featured in the Times Higher Education in January 2014.


Counselling for Staff

Staff counselling services are provided by an external Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) delivered through Validium.    The confidential EAP helpline number for staff is 08003584858 or +44 1412717179 (outside the UK). Counselling including telephone, face to face and e-counselling is available as well as a range of other services. If you have any difficulty accessing this Service please let us know but Validium should be able to offer you appropriate,  flexible and prompt counselling with qualified and experienced therapist.

More information available here.

Carers Car Park 

A campus car park is available for members of staff who have caring responsibilities as a parent or as a carer for an immediate family member who are unable to start work before 08:45, Monday to Friday.  The application form is valid for the current academic year only, and applications for this car park will re-open once the academic year is complete (August 2018). 

Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering

Liverpool Women in Science and Engineering society (LivWiSE) celebrates, supports and promotes women in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). LivWiSE organise events, lectures, networking and development opportunities and work closely with industry partners, women in science and STEM organisations. Find out more or contact us .