Postcard: IIB Post Doc Society Retreat‌

Photograph taken during IIB Post Doc Society Retreat in Snowdonia
"The Post Doc Society recently enjoyed a successful retreat in Snowdonia, Wales, which allowed us to grow as a community and enabled discussions on the future direction of the Society.

We started our trip by heading to the University owned Activity Base in Deiniolen after work on the Friday. In the spirit of our Italian Society President we enjoyed pizza at sunset and got to know each other. The next two days were packed with hiking, networking and discussions."

Full story available here.

Johnston Postdoctoral Development Fund

The Johnston Postdoctoral Development Fund has been through a number of rounds since it was established in February 2016 with applications from female and male postdoctoral colleagues.   Development requests continue to be diverse ranging from conference attendance, international laboratory placements, novel gadget development to coaching training, with applicants seeking sums of between £700 and £4,000. The panel consists of one postdoc, and three academic colleages, each representing the Institute's three departments, and one member of the Institute's Senior Management Team (SMT).  Applications are scored under three criteria (i) the justification of the project, (ii) the training and the career development opportunities and (iii) the career stage of the applicant.  All applications are anonymised reducing any potential conflict of interest. ‌

Celebrating Success Award – Enhancing University Life Team Category

Congratulations to IIB’s Amy Eacock, Rebecca Jones, Beth Levick, Jill Marc and Stuart McEwan whose energy and hard work arranging IIB’s Health and Wellbeing week last July was recognised as making an exceptional contribution to the wellbeing of the University community, staff and students. Well done, we are all extremely proud!