Photo of Dr Roger Barraclough

Dr Roger Barraclough Ph.D.

Reader Biochemistry


Personal Statement

Reader in Biochemistry; 95 refereed publications; £4 million grants awarded.

Personal Distinctions

  • Proteins that cause metastasis (Invitation to Speak, Queen's University Belfast 2011)
  • Invited lecturer (Invitation to Speak, Queen's Unversity belfast 2011)
  • Calcium Binding Proteins (Invitation to Speak, 13th 2007)
  • Work Placements -The Liverpool Experience (Invitation to Speak, 18th 2007)
  • S100 proteins and Metastasis. (Invitation to Speak, University of Lancaster 2006)
  • Proteins that Cause Metastasis. (Invitation to Speak, Nanjing Normal University, China. 2006)
  • Proteins That Cause Cancer Metastasis (Invitation to Speak, Royal Veterinary College 2006)
  • Lecture and Session Chairman (Invitation to Speak, 10th World Congress on Advances in Oncology. 2005)
  • Session Chairman and lecture (Invitation to Speak, 10th World Congress on Advances in Oncology. Crete. 2005)
  • Transferring Genes into Animal Cells (Invitation to Speak, Daresbury Laboratory 2004)
  • Identification of Breast Cancer Gene Products : From Genomics Towards Function (Invitation to Speak, European Union meeting on Mammary Gland Development, Function and Cancer. Utrecht, 2004)
  • Proteins that Cause Cancer Metastasis' (Invitation to Speak, Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, Beijing Cancer Hospital, China. 2003)
  • Proteins that Cause Cancer Metastasis (Invitation to Speak, Nanjing Railway Medical College, Nanjing, China. 2003)
  • Calcium-binding Protein S100A4 and Breast Cancer (Invitation to Speak, EU COST action 2003)
  • Session Chairman and lecture (Invitation to Speak, 5th International Symposium on Molecular Medicine, Crete. 2002)
  • An Oncogene, a Calcium-binding Protein, its Interactions, and the Metastatic Spread of Cancer Cells (Invitation to Speak, University of Kent 2001)

Administrative Roles

  • Placement co-ordinator.
  • Organiser of 2nd level and Honours level modules.
  • Biological Safety Officer, School of Biological Sciences.
  • Chairman, Biological Safety Committee.
  • Member, Biological Sciences Ethical Committee.

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