Photo of Mr Richard Eccles

Mr Richard Eccles

Research Associate Functional and Comparative Genomics


Personal Statement

I work as a Sequencing Production Research Associate at the Centre for Genomic Research. I am responsible for embedding automated processes across the CGR. This plays an important role in enabling the CGR to meet the increased demand for Next Generation Sequencing, and to keep pace with evolving sequencing technologies that provide ever higher outputs.

Automation plays an important role across the CGR’s associated facilities, including the Gene Mill, and the Single Cell Genomics Laboratory. I enjoy utilising the cutting edge automated platform technologies available to help achieve the goals of the wide-ranging service provision provided by the CGR to academics and industrial partners.

I am currently completing an MSc in Technology Management through the Open University alongside my full-time role. This has been made possible by the financial support of the CGR. It directly impacts my role, enhancing my understanding of managing the interactions of the CGRs £7M technology portfolio, and how this is utilised to achieve success for stakeholders. Ultimately, I will be able to take on greater management responsibility, and lead a greater variety of projects to success.

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