Photo of Dr Philipp Antczak

Dr Philipp Antczak

NERC Fellow, Associate Director Computational Biology Facility Functional and Comparative Genomics


    Personal Statement

    Philipp Antczak is a computational biologist with extensive knowledge in Systems ecotoxicology and in particular in linking molecular responses (OMICs) to phenotypic traits in a number of organisms. He develops tools for molecular toxicity identification and evaluation (mTIE) as well as using molecular response data to understand basal toxicity in D. magna, D. rerio and other organisms. Current funding has come from NERC, STFC, EU, as well as AstraZeneca and Cefas. He is currently working on developing a compound-gene-disease map in Danio rerio to predict adverse outcomes to a large number of environmentally relevant pollutants including endocrine disruptors.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Participate in the UK-Japan Initative (Invitation to Speak, Defra 2017)
    • Developing the Ecotoxicological – Predictive – Information – Connectivity Map (EPIC-map) (Competitive Fellowship, NERC Fellowship 2015)

    Administrative Roles

    • Associate Director - Computational Biology Facility

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