Photo of Dr Michael Berenbrink

Dr Michael Berenbrink Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour


    Personal Distinctions

    • Invited speaker at the 2010 August Krogh Symposium (Invitation to Speak, University of Copenhagen 2011)
    • Sickling in fish red blood cells, Llandudno, Wales, UK (Invitation to Speak, K. Ridgwell and L. Bruce, NHS Blood and Transplant, Bristol, UK 2008)
    • In vivo hemoglobin polymerisation and sickling in fish red blood cells, Aarhus, Denmark (Keynote Speech, R. E. Weber and A. Fago, Aarhus University, Denmark 2008)
    • Haemoglobin polymorphism and red blood cell sickling in marine fishes, Sete, France (Invitation to Speak, D. McKenzie, Station Mediterraneene de l'Environnement Littoral, Sete, France 2008)
    • Oxygen delivery to the eye and swimbladder of fishes: The Root effect, Marseille, France (Invitation to Speak, C. J. Brauner, Vancouver, Canada 2008)
    • Charting deep time: Evolutionary reconstruction of vertebrate respiratory physiology, Mara, Kenya (Invitation to Speak, H. Lillywhite, University of Florida, Gainesville 2008)
    • The co-evolution of blood oxygen binding and red cell function, Salvador, Brazil (Invitation to Speak, Prof E. W. Taylor, Birmingham University 2007)
    • Historical reconstructions of evolving physiological complexity, Banff, Canada (Invitation to Speak, G. Somero (Stanford) and A. R. Cossins (Liverpool) 2006)
    • Evolution of vertebrate haemoglobins: Root and Bohr effects and specific buffer capacities, Naples (Invitation to Speak, Cinzia Verde, Guido di Prisco, Giorgio Bernardi (Naples, Italy)) 2006)
    • Tracing the evolution of the Bohr effect of haemoglobin on a vertebrate phylogeny, Aarhus, Denmark (Invitation to Speak, Roy E. Weber and Angela Fago ( Aarhus, Denmark) 2005)
    • Stress and volume regulation in red cells, Edinburgh, UK (Invitation to Speak, Richard Handy (Plymouth) 2004)
    • Exploring genome evolution using phylogeny, Holmes Chapel, UK (Invitation to Speak, A. R. Cossins, Liverpool 2003)
    • The evolution of complex systems: Oxygen secretion in the eye and swimbladder of fishes, San Diego (Invitation to Speak, T. Garland Jr. (Riverside, California) 2002)
    • Hb function and red cell membrane transport in lower vertebrates, Aarhus, Denmark (Invitation to Speak, Frank B. Jensen (Odense, Denmark), Roy E. Weber (Aarhus, Denmark) 2001)

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