Photo of Dr Meriel Jones

Dr Meriel Jones

Honorary Senior Lecturer Functional and Comparative Genomics


Current research - onion and garlic

This has developed from my earlier work on the biosynthesis of flavour precursors in onions and garlic, working in collaboration with UK growers and consultants, as well as biological and medical scientists in the EU and USA. One unexpected outcome was improved classification of onions for the UK market, including development of a new, sweet onion crop for the UK (see personal website).

I have provided consultancy to industry and the media on flavours and secondary metabolites and about fungal control and identification. In November 2013 I appeared on BBC1 in 'Paul Hollywood's Pies and Puds' to talk about onion flavour and watch him cook. See a clip at

Current research - plants and fungi

My research interests centre on how plants and fungi respond to their environment, including through the production of secondary metabolites. My research with fungi has concentrated on their roles as pathogens (white rot of onion) and mycorrhiza in the life history of the bee orchid.

Research Grants
  • Regulated Transcript Stability
  • Garlic & Health: the development of high quality garlic and its influence on biomarkers of artherosclerosis and cancer in humans for disease prevention.
  • Improvement of some potential forage crops for livestock in Saudi Arabia
  • OVS Health Trust Fellowship programme
  • Wazeera Abdullah - bench fees
  • Co-ordination of nitrate and nitrogen metabolite signalling at the level of transcript stability.
  • Sensing and the biological response in plants (SENSIBLE).
  • Proteomic lead analysis of nitrogen regulation and signalling in aspergillus nidulans.
  • Aleya Ferdausi - Bench Fees
  • University of Liverpool Institutional Discipline Bridging.
  • UK fundamentals for mild onion production.