Photo of Mr Mark Prescott

Mr Mark Prescott M.Phil

Senior Technician Institute of Integrative Biology


    Personal Statement

    I am a Grade 6 technician in the Institute of Integrative Biology. I specialise in operating and maintaining mass spectrometers for the IIB and the Centre for Proteome Research. In the CPR I run the Waters GCT GC-MS instrument that is used for small molecule analysis. I am particularly interested in the analysis of animal scent samples in collaboration with colleagues from the Mammalian Behaviour and Evolution Group at Leahurst. I obtained an honours degree in Chemistry at University College London in 1976. I joined the Biochemistry Department of the University of Liverpool as an instrument technician in November of that year. In 1999, I completed a part-time M.Phil in Biochemistry at the university. My research was on the application of new mass spectrometric methods to the analysis of steroids.