Photo of Dr Lynne Sneddon

Dr Lynne Sneddon B.Sc. (Hons) Ph.D

Director of Bioveterinary Science School of Life Sciences


Animal Welfare and Ethics

Nociception and pain; Aggression and dominance; Animal Welfare; Fear and stress; Intraspecific variation; 3Rs

Behavioural Ecology and Physiology of Animal Personality

Research Group Membership
Research Grants
  • Improving Experimental Approaches in Animal Biology: Implementing the 3Rs
  • Extrinsic and intrinsic factors in the development of phenotype in fish
  • Improving Experimental Approaches in Animal Biology: Implementing the 3Rs
  • Fish Indicators of Stress and Health (F.I.S.H.) Validation of the use of embryos and yolk sac larval zebrafish in nociception and drug testing
  • The detection, assessment and alleviation of pain in laboratory zebrafish.
  • Impact of environmental enrichment on recovery from invasive procedures in rainbow trout
  • Nociception in fish: electrophysiological and behavioural analysis.
  • The Liverpool Bespoke Oligoarray Facility (L-BOF).
  • Molecular function in post-genome biology (MOLFUN).
  • Generation of thermally differentiated zebrafish strains by selective breeding.
  • Proximate mechanisms underlying a behavioural trait: boldness in fish
  • Using antisense technology to understand the mechanisms of agression.
  • Detection and alleviation of pain in fish.
  • Proximate mechanisms underlying boldness: an evolutionary relevant behavioural trait.
  • Molecular and physiological characteristics of rank position within dominance hierarchies.
  • Value in People Award 2005.
  • Investigation of selective attention strategies during noxious stimulation in rainbow trout.
  • Evolutionary and ecological functional genomics.
  • Validating Non-Invasive Measures of Stress in a Model Organism, the Zebrafish
  • Molecular and physiological characterisation of rank position within dominance hierarchies.
  • Using fMRI to identify brain regions involved in nociception in fish
Research Collaborations

Marco Marcello

Project: Imaging of larval zebrafish brain activity

Using contemporary microscope technologies we have imaged larval zebrafish brain activity during external stimulation

Jack Thomson

Project: Impact of climate change on personality and proteomics of sea anemones

NERC ACCE Ph.D Supervisors of student Daniel "Kit" Maskrey

Jeffrey Mogil

Project: Pain indicators in fish
External: McGill University

Assessing indicators of pain in fish

Mark Briffa

Project: Animal Personality
External: Plymouth University

Assessing aggressiveness and personality in the face of environmental perturbation

Samantha Patrick

Project: Animal Personality

Assessing personality in seabirds

John Quinn


Nociception and gene expression in the brain

Kathryn Arnold

Project: Impact of anthropogenic influences on fish
External: University of York

Impact of anthropogenic chemicals on fish phenotype

Matthew Leach

Project: Development of pain assessment tools
External: University of Newcastle upon Tyne

Assessing and alleviating pain in fish

Tom Pottinger

Project: Non-invasive methods of assessing stress
External: The University of Lancaster

Stress physiology in fish

Joe Spencer

Project: Fish Health Monitor

Development of intelligent monitoring software

Annemie Van der Linden

External: University of Antwerp

fMRI of fish brains

Rupert Schmidt

External: University of Giessen

Antisense and the mechanisms of aggression

Phill Watts


Population genetics of stickleback; behavioural phenotypes of trout

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