Photo of Dr Lynne Sneddon

Dr Lynne Sneddon B.Sc. (Hons) Ph.D

Director of Bioveterinary Science School of Life Sciences


    Personal Statement

    My laboratory is committed to improving our understanding of aquatic animal biology and welfare using an integrative approach. My research specifically addresses questions in animal personality, dominance-subordinate relationships, nociception or pain, and the way these are influenced by environmental stress and adaptation. Current funding aims to improve the detection, assessment and alleviation of stress and ill health in fish and to investigate the replacement of adult fish by non-sentient forms to reduce the numbers of animals used. Although fundamentally important, these topics are relevant to welfare problems in laboratory housed fish and the ornamental fish industry. My laboratory also investigates intraspecific variation in behaviour and physiology linked to climate change using a variety of model species including cnidarians, crustaceans, fish and birds.

    Personal Distinctions

    • ASAB Easter Conference, Plenary speaker (Keynote Speech, ASAB 2018)
    • FGB Anaesthesia in Fish Meeting, Invited speaker, Bergen, Norway (Invitation to Speak, FGB 2018)
    • Home Office Animal Sciences Group Meeting, Facilitator and Thought Leader (Invitation to Speak, Royal Society of Biology Animal Sciences Group 2017)
    • RSPCA Lay Members Forum, Invited speaker (Invitation to Speak, RSPCA 2017)
    • Swiss Laboratory Animals Meeting, Invited Speaker, Zurich, Switzerland (Invitation to Speak, SVG 2017)
    • FGB Assessment of Severity of Procedures Meeting, Invited speaker, Italy (Invitation to Speak, FGB 2017)
    • Sino British Laboratory Animal Sciences Meeting, Invited Speaker, Shanghai, China (Invitation to Speak, UK and Chinese Governments 2017)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, University of Exeter 2016)
    • Animal Law Conference, New York USA (Keynote Speech, US Animal Law Foundation 2016)
    • SEB Symposium, Organiser, speaker and chair (SEB, ASAB, NC3Rs, RSPCA, LASA, UFAW, UAR, BBSRC 2016)
    • Organiser of SEB “Open Animal Biology” session and chair (SEB Main Meeting 2016)
    • Animals, Science and the Law, Plenary Speaker (Keynote Speech, Swiss Animal Law Foundation and University of Bern 2016)
    • Invited speaker and Discussion Leader (Invitation to Speak, CEFAS and NC3Rs Addressing the Need for Refinement in Laboratory Fish 2016)
    • Invited speaker, session chair (Invitation to Speak, SEB 2015)
    • LASA Meeting (Invitation to Speak, LASA 2015)
    • Academic Adviser to Aquarium Welfare Association (Invitation to Perform, AWA 2015)
    • Institute of Animal Technicians (Invitation to Speak, IAT 2015)
    • NORECOPA Meeting (Invitation to Speak, NORECOPA 2015)
    • Behaviour 2015 (Invitation to Speak, IEC 2015)
    • New Measures of Animal Welfare (Invitation to Speak, BBSRC/NC3Rs 2015)
    • British Science Festival (Invitation to Speak, NC3Rs 2014)
    • Heart of Europe Zebrafish Meeting (Invitation to Speak, European Zebrafish Meeting 2014)
    • RSPCA Zebrafish Care Meeting (Invitation to Speak, RSPCA 2014)
    • Science, Ethics and the Law (Invitation to Speak, World Organisation for Animal Health 2013)
    • Alternative models of pain (Invitation to Speak, NC3Rs 2013)
    • FGB Zebrafish Meeting (Invitation to Speak, FGB 2013)
    • Joint NC3Rs, SEB and ASAB Meeting (Invitation to Speak, NC3Rs 2012)
    • SEB Main Meeting - Science with Impact (Invitation to Speak, SEB 2012)
    • British Association of Zebrafish Husbandry (Invitation to Speak, BAZH 2012)
    • SEB Main Meeting (Invitation to Speak, SEB 2011)
    • American Association of Laboratory Animal Science (Keynote Speech, AALAS 2011)
    • LASA Meeting (Invitation to Speak, LASA 2010)
    • Swiss Veterinary Conference (Invitation to Speak, University of Lausanne 2010)
    • Swedish Veterinary Conference (Keynote Speech, University of Gothenburg 2010)
    • UK Zebrafish Forum (Invitation to Speak, UK Zebrafish Forum 2010)
    • SEB Satellite Meeting (Invitation to Speak, SEB 2010)
    • LAVA Meeting (Invitation to Speak, LAVA 2009)
    • Harmonisation of the Use and Care of Fish (Invitation to Speak, NORECOPA 2009)
    • World Conference in Veterinary Anaesthesia (Invitation to Speak, WCVA 2009)
    • Canadian Welfare Symposium (Keynote Speech, University of Prince Edward Island 2008)
    • ECVAM Conference and Report (Invitation to Speak, ECVAM 2008)
    • NC3Rs Meeting (Invitation to Speak, NC3Rs 2008)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Cambridge University 2008)
    • Keynote Speaker at Welfare Symposium (Keynote Speech, Gothenburg University 2008)
    • EC-Joint Research Commission Document (Invitation to Speak, EC-JRC 2008)
    • Sir Geoffrey Jefferson Lecture (Keynote Speech, SBNS 2008)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Uppsala University 2008)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Oxford University 2007)
    • Invited Speaker at SEB Conference (Invitation to Speak, SEB 2007)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, University of Oxford 2007)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Bristol Vet School 2007)
    • British Veterinary Association Speaker (Invitation to Speak, BVA 2007)
    • ILAR Revision of Animal Analgesia (Invitation to Perform, ILAR 2007)
    • Plenary (Keynote Speech, University of Lisbon 2006)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, University of Porto, Portugal 2006)
    • Talk (Invitation to Speak, European Veterinary Association 2006)
    • NC3Rs Presenter (Invitation to Speak, NC3Rs/LASA 2006)
    • European Food Standards Agency (Invitation to Perform, EFSA 2006)
    • NERC Fellowship extension (Competitive Fellowship, NERC 2006)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Aberystwyth University 2005)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Bristol University 2005)
    • NC3Rs Prize (Prize, NC3Rs 2005)
    • Seminar (Invitation to Speak, Leeds University 2005)
    • Talk and workshop (Invitation to Speak, DEFRA 2005)
    • Plenary and workshop (Keynote Speech, InternationalConference of the European Association of Fish Pathologists 2005)
    • COE Farmed Fish Welfare Regulations (Invitation to Perform, COE 2003)

    Administrative Roles

    • University: FAQSC and School Scrutiny Board; Animal Welfare Ethics Review Board (AWERB)
    • School of Life Sciences: Curriculum Board, Ethics Officer, Admissions Committee, Progress Review Board
    • SEB Animal Section Chair, Council Member and Board of Trustees
    • Royal Society of Biology, Animal Sciences Group
    • F.I.S.H Website Manager

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