Dr Kieran Magee Bsc, PhD

Research Officer/Research Technician Institute of Integrative Biology


Personal Statement

I have a BSc degree in animal behaviour and welfare (1st with honours), my PhD is in Biological sciences, focused on sustainable aquaculture feeds and ingredients. Over the past six years I have worked on several research projects, many focussed on sustainable aquaculture feed ingredients. I am currently working as a researcher on a water treatment project, with applications in aquaculture as the focus. Additionally I have eight years of experience working in the aquatic (reptile and small animal) trade and 26 years of fish keeping experience.

I have worked in development of sustainable aquaculture feeds and feed ingredients, primarily processing techniques, novel plant materials and insect materials, conducting feed trials to test feed performance in a variety of fish species. I also have experience in developing heavy labelled fish models. I am most interesting in aquaculture research and the use of natural more sustainable feed materials such as insects.