Photo of Mr Keith Smith

Mr Keith Smith BSc, MPhil

Core Research Technician Institute of Integrative Biology


Personal Statement

I joined the University in 2016 as a Liverpool Lung Project Research Technician within the Dept. of Molecular and Clinical Cancer Medicine. I worked closely with research staff, surgical, pathology and nurses for the acquisition and allocation of biological specimens.

Presently, I am employed as a Core Research Technician for the IIB where I support research experiments and investigations and maintain a safe research environment, ensuring proper and effective use of equipment and facilities. I also write risk assessments and standard operating procedures for the laboratory and oversee visitors and contractors accessing the laboratory and specific research areas.

I was previously employed by the University of Manchester where I investigated rare ion channel mutations associated with vascular spasm and acute myocardial infarction in young adults. Here I performed patch-clamp electrophysiology to characterise and compare the response of wild-type and mutant KATP channels, and examine the pharmacological response to anti-anginal drugs. I also used computational molecular modelling to gain insights into the biophysical mechanism of disease.