Photo of Dr Kate Baker

Dr Kate Baker BVSc PhD MRCVS

Wellcome Trust Clinical Research Career Development Fellow, Tenure Track Fellow Functional and Comparative Genomics


Personal Statement

I am a veterinary researcher working on the genomic epidemiology of enteric bacterial pathogens with a particular interest in antimicrobial resistance. I work on large-scale whole genome sequencing projects of enteric pathogens (mainly Shigella). Looking at genome changes in pathogens from historical collections as well as isolates from contemporary concerns, you can see the clear role that antimicrobial resistance has played in shaping the evolution and epidemiology of these pathogens since their clinical application. These organisms adapt rapidly to evolutionary pressures such as these by transferring large chunks of DNA horizontally among themselves and other bacterial species and I am particularly fascinated by the parallels between horizontal gene transfer in bacteria and epidemiological processes in viral populations, which I studied during my PhD. I am currently working toward combining these concepts to mathematically model the transfer of antimicrobial resistance in bacteria.

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