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Prof Jane Hurst

Professor Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour


    Personal Statement

    My main interests are in the functions, mechanisms and evolution of scent communication in mammals, animal welfare (particularly in relation to laboratory animals), rodent pest control, and the interactions between behaviour and disease.

    Brief CV: After obtaining my PhD at the University of Birmingham, studying the behaviour and ecology and commensal house mice (1984), I moved to the University of Nottingham for a one-year postdoc on shrew foraging followed by a series of three Research Fellowships on various aspects of scent communication and rodent behaviour (SERC / BBSRC, 1985-1998). I was appointed to the William Prescott Chair of Animal Science in the Veterinary Faculty at the University of Liverpool in 1998. I joined IIB when the Institute formed in 2008, while also remaining associated with the Institute of Veterinary Science. We are based at the Leahurst Campus where we have established some fantastic facilities for studying wild rodent behaviour.

    Personal Distinctions

    • ASAB Medal (Prize, Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour 2017)
    • Plenary - Scent wars (Invitation to Speak, Chemical Signals in Vertebrates (Cardiff) 2017)
    • Keck Centre for Behavioural Biology Distinguished Speaker (Invitation to Speak, NCSU 2016)
    • Conference Organiser (Behaviour meets Biochemistry Conference London 2014)
    • Plenary - Assessing kinship through scent (Invitation to Speak, European Chemoreception Research Organisation 2014)
    • Plenary - Minding your Pees and Cues (Invitation to Speak, International Conference on Rodent Biology 2014)
    • Plenary - On the scent of sexual attraction (Invitation to Speak, International Ethological Congress 2013)
    • Plenary - Making sense of mammalian scents (Invitation to Speak, Superlures Symposium 2013)
    • Lecture - What the nose knows (Invitation to Speak, Christopher Barnard Memorial Lecture 2011)
    • Plenary - Rodent urinary proteins (Invitation to Speak, Chemical Signals in Vertebrates (Berlin) 2011)
    • NC3Rs prize (Prize, GlaxoSmithKline / NC3Rs 2010)
    • Talk and symposium convenor (Keynote Speech, Gordon Conference 2010)
    • Plenary (Invitation to Speak, Genetics Society 2010)
    • Plenary (Invitation to Speak, RSPCA / UFAW 2010)
    • Plenary (Invitation to Speak, ASAB 2010)
    • Plenary (Invitation to Speak, Janelia Farm Conference on Olfactory System 2010)
    • Elected President (ASAB 2010)
    • Plenary (Invitation to Speak, IUSSI 2010)

    Administrative Roles

    • Deputy Head, Department of Evolution, Ecology and Behaviour
    • Institute Staff Review and Development Committee
    • University of Liverpool Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Body

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