Photo of Dr Geraint Parry

Dr Geraint Parry PhD MRes Bsc

Lecturer Institute of Infection and Global Health


Research Interest 1

The Parry lab research's the function of the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex (NPC) using a variety of experimental techniques:

- Genetic analysis of plants with mutations in specfic nucleoporin proteins

- Microscopy to address nuclear transport of key plant transcriptional regulators

- Biochemical analysis of the composition of the Plant NPC throughout the cell cycle

- Microarray and Sequencing to identify genes whose expression is directly and indirectly influenced by the plant NPC!
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Research Grants
  • Investigating the relationship between Geminivirus infection and the plant nuclear transport apparatus
  • Functional Characterisation of the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex (PLANTNPC)
  • Investigating the Role of the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex in control of Nuclear Morphology and Nuclear Transport
  • Investigating the Nuclear Pore Complex as a possible target for developing resistance to Plant Viruses
  • Investigating the relationship between the plant nuclear pore complex and viral infection
  • Investigating the Relationship between the Plant Nuclear Pore Complex and Viral Infection
  • Investigating the role of the arabidopsis nuclear pore complex in the plant defence response

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