Photo of Dr Dave Mason

Dr Dave Mason

Post Doctoral Researcher HLS Technology Directorate


Personal Statement

I completed my PhD in Toronto under the supervision of Sergio Grinstein at the Hospital for Sick Children. My main area of study was the modulation of Actin and Lipids during phagocytosis and during bacterial Host-Pathogen interactions. During this time, I acquired a lot of hands-on experience with light microscopy which has driven my research interests ever since.

I returned to the UK to take up a Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship (IIF) at the University of Birmingham studying bacterial adhesion using fast 4D acquisition and post-acquisition tracking. Since joining the University of Liverpool on an MRC Next Generation Optical Imaging Initiative, my Research has focused on developing Stochastic Optical Fluctuation Imaging (SOFI) on epifluorescent hardware. My other roles involve Research Data Management and supporting users of the Centre for Cell Imaging (CCI) with post-acquisition image analysis, which is also the focus of my blog.

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