Mrs Ana Green BSC

Data Analysis Biochemistry


Personal Statement

My degrees are in Computer Science and Business Management, I have for thirteen years worked as facilitator and disability assessor for a Tertiary college specialised in providing education and training to people with disability. I have successfully designed and delivered various courses from basic to advanced levels. Subsequently I have a postgraduate degree in Adult Education from the John Moores University. My CPD covers most prominent work related to governmental policies: education, disability, employability. Distinctive emphasis has been on Disability and Discrimination Acts, Diversity and any issues, policies related to the Educational Sector.

In the University I have drawn on my specialist training in graphic design and computational statistics to assist in patient data analysis of the expression of metastasis-inducing proteins in breast and other cancers. This has enabled results found in experiments to be verified in human patients.
I am personally involved in Community engagement specially when the community will benefit in form of regeneration education and employability.

As Project Director for an Antislavery Memorial, I have founded a Disparity Group involving the head of local community members, sponsored by the Cabinet Office in London. I am fluent in five European languages: Italian, Portuguese, Spanish and French.