Photo of Mrs Aleksandra Beliavskaia

Mrs Aleksandra Beliavskaia BSc, MSc (Hons)

Postgraduate Research Fellow in Marie Skłodowska-Curie Innovative Training Network Infection Biology & Microbiomes


    Personal Statement

    I am an early stage researcher in Dr Darby group working on single cell genomic analysis of eukaryotic microbes associated with bloodfeeding arthropods. The objective of the study is to obtain an understanding of the diversity of eukaryotic microbes associated with bloodfeeding arthropods at the genomic level.

    My research interests lie in symbiosis, parasitism, symbiotic protists, symbiotic bacteria, lateral gene transfer, co-evolution.

    I received BSc degree in biology at St. Petersburg State University specialising in zoology of invertebrates in 2011, then MSc degree cum laude majoring in protistology at the same university in 2013. My research interests focus on symbiosis and its consequences for organisms which are partners in symbiotic systems. The fact that horizontal gene transfer took and takes place between bacterial and eukaryotic organisms is already well known, but mostly by finding alien sequences in the host genomes. The main aim of my master project was to construct the symbiotic system to show events of gene transfer in the experiment. After graduation, my interests shifted to genomics of symbiotic bacteria: finding a genetic background that makes symbiotic bacteria so specific such as genes involved in the infection process, genes making bacteria specific to particular species of the host.