From Genomes to Biological Systems

This research theme brings together researchers who are innovating, both in developing ‘omic techniques and in their application across a range of high-profile areas.

Modern technology is enabling the study of genetic differences between individuals (genomics), the nature of proteins encoded by those genes (proteomics), and the flux of chemicals within cells (metabolomics).

Areas of research

This theme has a close affiliation with our leading technology centres:

  • We have extensive combined expertise and instrumentation available within these facilities.
  • Our academic leadership in omics and computational and systems biology allows our researchers to study problems at scales from the single molecule up to multiple individuals within populations.
  • We also work in synthetic biology, tailoring our understanding of Life for engineering new biological systems, to work on major problems in food security, biomaterials, and energy.
Francesco Falciani

Our computational scientists develop methods and software to interpret very large data sets, allowing us to perform experiments through computer simulations that would otherwise be impossible.

Professor Francesco Falciani, Theme Lead

Theme members and publications

Read about the academic staff working together on this theme and see their latest publications

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