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Year 1 Wellcome Trust ISSF Non-Clinical Fellowships

Principal Investigator: Dada Pisconti

Wellcome Trust media

Investigation of the Role of Nrf2 in Man

Co-Investigator: Lu-Yun Lian

Integrated Signalling Networks In Muscle Stem Cells: Cell Fate Regulation by Heparan Sulfates (SATCELLOMICS).

Principal Investigator: Jerry Turnbull

Co-Investigator: Dada Pisconti

Real-Time Stem Cell Tracking Using Nanoprobes for Photoacoustic Imaging: Resolution and Sensitivity in a Single Technique

Principal Investigator: Raphael Levy

European Nanotechnology Characterisation Laboratory

Co-Investigator: David Fernig

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Understanding Amyloid Deposition in the Cardiovascular System Strong

Principal Investigator: Jill Madine 

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The Titin Myofilament as Emerging Factor in Cardiomyopathy

Co-Investigator: Dan Rigden

A Hub for Engineering and Exploiting the Stem Cell Niche

Principal Investigator: Anthony Hollander

Regenerative Medicine Platform in Stem Cell Safety Science

Principal Investigator: Raphael Levy

Regulation of DNA Replication by Diadenosine Nucleotides  after DNA Damage

Principal Investigator: Nigel Jones


Kinome-wide Analysis of KRASand MYC Driven Cancer Cell Models Exposed to Clinical Kinase and Bromodomain Inhibitors

Principal Investigator: Patrick Eyers

Co- Investigator: Francesco Falciani


Therapeutic Relevance of Crosstalk in the Aurora A and PLK4 Signalling Modules

Principal Investigator: Patrick Eyers

Co-Investigator: Claire Eyers

Establishing a Single Cell Analysis Facility for the UK Scientific Research Community

Co-Investigator: Raphael Levy

Enzymatic Heparin Production

Principal Investigator: Jerry Turnbull

Application of Advance MS Instrumentation to Protein Ligand Binding and PTM Characterisation

Principal Investigator: Claire Eyers

Co- Investigator: Patrick Eyers

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Mechanical Triggers to Programmed Cell Death in Cardiomyocytes- and How to Prevent their Action in Failing Hearts 

Principal Investigator: Olga Mayans

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Advanced in Vivo Imaging and Transcriptomic Analysis of Neuroblastoma Metastasis in a Chick Embryo Model

Principal Investigator: Violaine See

Structure-function Studies of Faulty Proteins and their Complexes Involved in Motor Neuron Disease

Principal Investigator: Samar Hasnain

Co-Investigator: Svetlana Antonyuk

International Human Frontier Science Program Organization

Role of Cytoskeletal Kinases in the Mechanosensory Feed-back Regulation of Muscle

Principal Investigator: Olga Mayans

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An Integrative Approach for Understanding Adverse Outcome Pathways underlying Narcotics Toxity

Principal Investigator: Francesco Falciani