European Nanotechnology Characterisation Laboratory

Principal Investigator: David Fernig

BiFFio - Cooperation between the aquaculture and agriculture sectors with the intent to use animal manure and fish faeces for sustainable production and utilisation of renewable energy and recovered nutrients

Principal Investigator: Iain Young

The Impact of Cholesterol on Staphylococci: Cell Responses and Membrane Dynamics

Principal Investigator: Mal Horsburgh

Co-Investigator: Jay Hinton

Wellcome Trust media

Do emerging invasive non-typhoidal Salmonella pathogens have novel virulence properties?

Principal Investigator: Jay Hinton

Wellcome Trust media

Developing online databases and bioinformatics tools for the biology of ageing

Co-Investigator: Steve Paterson

Wellcome Trust media

Cost effective community access to integrated information for microbial eukaryotis pathogen research

Principal Investigator: Christiane Hertz-Fowler

neuroblasma logo

Advanced in Vivo Imaging and Transcriptomic Analysis of Neuroblastoma Metastasis in a Chick Embryo Model

Principal Investigator: Violaine See

Structure-function Studies of Faulty Proteins and their Complexes Involved in Motor Neuron Disease

Principal Investigator: Samar Hasnain

Co-Investigator: Svetlana Antonyuk

The Royal Society

Unveiling structural assembly and regulation of cyanobacterial carboxysomes

Principal Investigator: Luning Liu

Engineering Cam Photosynthetic Machinery into Bioenergy Crops for Biofuels Production in Marginal Environments

Principal Investigator: James Hartwell