Opportunities for International Students

If you have enthusiasm for research and access to your own funding, you can apply to study for a PhD or MPhil in the Institute of Integrative Biology.  This allows you to follow your own research programme with supervision and guidance from academic staff in IIB. 

A fees bursary (for all tuition and research fees) may be available.

To find out whether we can offer you supervision for PhD/MPhil studies in your area of interest, look at the Research and Staff web-pages.  You can make contact by email with relevant members of academic staff to enquire whether they could supervise your research.

The next step is to make a formal application for PhD or MPhil study, stating your research area and the name of your proposed supervisor within IIB.

We also welcome students from the following programmes:

Ciência sem Fronteiras - Reino Unido (CsF), Brazilian Scientific Mobility Programme

The programme is applicable to Brazilian nationals only. We offer projects within the Health and Biomedical Science, Information Technology, Pharmaceuticals and Biotechnology priority areas.  Successful candidates should then apply for the funded Scholarship from the Science without Borders (Ciencia Sem Fronteiras) programme.

For more information please contact us at iibapply@liverpool.ac.uk or see some of the specific opportunities listed below.


Mahidol University, Thailand 

There is a programme to fund outstanding graduates from Mahidol for doctoral study at University of Liverpool.