Biological Sciences (Biochemistry) MPhil/PhD

Major code: BIMR/BIPR

Career prospects

Career pathways are opened up by a PhD in the field of biochemistry.

Many of our PhD graduates continue their careers into academic research, initially as postdoctoral research fellows for further training, and ultimately to permanent academic posts where they undertake research and teaching.  Our alumni have become Lecturers and full Professors in the UK and international Universities. 

There are also opportunities for PhD-trained researchers in the government sector which includes research institutes, government departments, the health services, forensic science and environmental agencies.

There is also an increasing demand for biochemists and cell biologists to contribute to the public understanding of science as journalists and information officers, especially in view of ethical and environmental issues raised by developments in molecular biology and biotechnology.

At PhD level or after further postdoctoral research, other graduates become research scientists in commercial sectors that actively recruit in the biochemistry/cell biology fields; these include the pharmaceutical, food, biotechnology, biomedical, water and agricultural industries. Our alumni work in multinational businesses, hi-tech industries such as instrumentation suppliers, Waters Corporation, smaller biotechnology companies such as Horizon Discovery, and also overseas.