IIB helps launch new Research Innovation Centre

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The signing ceremony, Nanjing, China, June 2019

The University of Liverpool has played a central role in shaping a new Research and Innovation Centre as part of The UK-China Joint Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation Cooperation. The Centre will facilitate new Agri-Food research relationships between the N8 Universities and The Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Science.

During a signing ceremony, witnessed by Professor Fei Ma, Dean for Research at XJTLU on behalf of the University of Liverpool, N8 AgriFood has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (JAAS), to support the establishment of the new centre.

The N8 AgriFood-JAAS Research and Innovation Centre will be a joint platform for supporting knowledge generation and technology transfer across the agri-food sector, covering food production, supply chains and processing to consumption and nutrition.

The Centre will be a platform for providing training for researchers through bilateral exchanges, collaborative projects and workshops. It will also facilitate the commercialisation of agri-food technology in both the UK and China.

Dr Peter Walley N8 AgriFood Tenure Track Fellow in Crop Genetic Improvement at the IIB, said: “This is an exciting initiative. It means that together with our partners, we will explore opportunities for scientific cooperation in technology transfer and promote mutual benefits across the agri-food sector.”

The signing of the MoU follows a partnership building mission to China earlier this year, which saw Dr Peter Walley join a team of eight other N8 AgriFood representatives to meet with Chinese agri-tech academies, researchers, district local governments and agri-tech innovators.

During this visit to China, the N8 delegation, together with JAAS researchers, identified a set of joint projects that will be developed over the coming months. The MoU provides the framework for these initial collaborations and a mechanism to expand joint working across the agri-food remit in the future.