Professor wins international award for animal science research

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Soraya Shirazi Beechey

Professor Soraya Shirazi-Beechey, from the University's Institute of Integrative Biology, has been presented with the American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) President’s Award for International Achievements in Animal Science.

ASAS is the world leading society concerning the care and responsible use of animals to enhance animal and human health and well-being.

The award is given to an individual who has performed outstanding research of significant importance to livestock health, welfare and production.

Professor Shirazi-Beechey received the award in recognition of her many years of internationally important research into the role of the gut in animal physiology and metabolism.

Her research has demonstrated that the gastrointestinal tract, rather than being solely a digestive tube, is a sensory organ that continuously detects changes in its environment and transmits this information to other parts of the body.

This pioneering knowledge has provided animal nutritionists and scientists with novel molecular and cellular targets for dietary manipulations, and has helped improve the health, welfare and productivity of livestock.

Professor Shirazi-Beechey said: “I am truly honoured to receive this award, which would not have been possible without the brilliance and dedication of my students, post-doctoral fellows and scientific collaborators over many years.”

Professor Shirazi-Beechey received her award at the 2018 World Conference on Animal Production (WCAP) in Vancouver earlier this month.