Marvellous Microscopy

Posted on: 16 December 2019 by Leanne Miller in Posts

Bruker conference attendees

This month the University of Liverpool hosted the 2019 Bruker Scanning Probe Microscopy Conference and Users Meeting at the Radisson Blu hotel. Eighty registrants attended a fantastic two days, including Dr Longsheng Zhao, Dr Lanjiao Liu, PhD students Leanne Miller and Monsour Al Hazeem from Professor Luning Liu’s lab, and Ms Jennifer Adcott and Tom Waring from the Centre for Cell Imaging.

On the first day, Bruker Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM) machines were showcased in 9 different workshop sessions. These included the DimensionXR, MultiMode8-HR and NanoWizard Ultra Speed 2. Each workshop gave attendees the opportunity to develop their skills in a range of different AFM methods from high-speed bio-AFM to conductive/tunnelling AFM and electrical measurements, in interactive sessions with expert, technical staff from Bruker. In the evening of 3rd December, a marvellous festive dinner was hosted at the Radisson Blu Hotel, including a pub quiz - lots of fun was had by all.

The second day kicked off with Jen Adcott’s introduction of the CCI facilities and services, and Professor Luning Liu’s talk on 'Probing the structures, assembly dynamics and physical features of bioenergetic machinery', followed by a series of interesting talks from invited speakers. The talks demonstrated the huge variety of uses of AFM across different scientific fields, ranging from protein and membrane organisations, DNA helical structures, pathological assessment of collagen-rich soft tissues, and mechanical studies of ovarian cancer cells, to the understanding of charge storage in battery materials and the identification of sub-nanometre chemical structures.

At the end of the two-day workshop, Dr Longsheng Zhao from Professor Liu’s lab won the best AFM image competition prize. Overall, all the attendees enjoyed a fantastic two-day conference in a nice venue facing the River Mersey.