Photo of Dr Leonardo De Pascalis

Dr Leonardo De Pascalis PhD

Lecturer Psychological Sciences


Personal Statement

Having obtained a PhD on the psychological experience and mental health of infertile couples undergoing IVF treatments, I worked for several years at the Winnicott Research Unit (University of Reading), directed by Lynne Murray and Peter Cooper. There I contributed to several studies on the effects on infant development of maternal depression and anxiety, and on the nature of early mother-infant interactions, and the way the help shape developmental trajectories.
As lecturer in Developmental Psychopathology at the University of Liverpool, I have founded, together with Dr. Vicky Fallon, the "Family and Baby Lab", the first infant lab, not focused on language development, of the University of Liverpool.
In October 2013, the 1001 Critical Days Manifesto was launched at each UK political party conference. Central to this is the provision of services in the UK for the early years of life, emphasising the moral, scientific and economic importance of the conception to age 2 period. In line with this and other existing infant labs, the Family and Baby Laboratory aims to focus on infant development during the first 1001 days through key themes, such as perinatal mental health, early interactions, and infant feeding. However uniquely, it also aims to focus on the transition to parenthood, and the perinatal period as an uninterrupted whole, from conception to toddlerhood, through parenthood and family relationships.