Photo of Dr Anna Samara

Dr Anna Samara

Research Associate Psychological Sciences


    Personal Statement

    I completed my PhD in Psychology in 2014 at Bangor University, UK. In my doctoral research, I introduced an experimental methodology using artificial language stimuli to explore whether statistical learning mechanisms (which have been well-studied in the area of spoken language development) have relevance for spelling development. Since my PhD, I have been a postdoctoral Research Associate on a number of projects that investigate children’s ability to extract statistical patterns from spoken input. My earlier work (2014-2017) (together with Dr Wonnacott and Dr Kenny Smith at the University of Edinburgh) looked at children’s ability to learn statistically based sociolinguistic cues that condition the use of variation in natural languages (i.e., learning that different speakers, e.g., speakers of a specific dialect, tend to use different linguistic variants). Currently, I work on an ERC funded project, awarded to Professor Ben Ambridge that investigates what types of linguistic input discourage children from producing ungrammatical sentences of the type “The funny clown laughed the man”.