We examine cognitive and affective processes that shape need for, and delivery of, health care, ranging from meta-cognition to cognitive and emotional processes in perception of risk. We study how these psychological processes arise in the context of communication that health practitioners have with patients and potential patients.

Within an overarching orientation to life transitions, we have two main themes:

  • Transitions in Complex and Long-term Physical Conditions includes programmes of work on ,  paediatrics,  epilepsy and entry into clinical trials.
  • Life-stage Transitions focuses on the perinatal phase, transition to parenthood and early child development and late life transitions particularly  bereavement.

Methodological innovation is central to our work, including linking qualitative, quantitative and psychophysiological methods. The end-point for our research is to translate knowledge of processes into practice so we can develop and evaluate interventions, targeted at both patients and practitioners. 

Contribution to Teaching

  • MB ChB and BDS Communication for Clinical Practice
  • MB Ch B Problem-based learning curriculum
  • MB Ch B Special Study Modules
  • D Clin Psychol lectures and research dissertation supervision