A model of a human head constructed with steel letters

About the Group

Mental Health in Context Group (MHiC) conducts rigorous and accessible research aimed at improving the mental health and wellbeing of individuals and communities.

We investigate personal, developmental, economic and socio-cultural factors associated with mental wellbeing and the aetiology/maintenance of common and complex mental health difficulties. Emphasis is placed on exploring how mental health and wellbeing are shaped by the dynamic interaction between people (individuals and communities), places (physical environments) and spaces (shared values, beliefs and practices).

The MHiC group aims to transform societal attitudes towards mental health and wellbeing, and ensure that treatments and supports reflect the needs of diverse communities. This includes a focus on processes involved in the linguistic/cultural adaptation of psychological therapies aimed at reducing inequities in mental health service provision.

Our mission plays out in several ways including:

  • Fundamental theoretical research that informs treatment practice
  • The co-production of action research with policy and practice partners, service users and carers
  • Evaluations of service provision that input into local, national and global policy documents

We have a diverse corpus of methodological expertise in quantitative and qualitative research, clinical trials methodology, and clinical health psychology service evaluations. We aim to use converging methods to address key research questions.

The group places emphasis on collaborating with both statutory services (e.g. NHS, education and social care services) and community sector organisations (e.g. charities and non-governmental organisations) to progress its research agenda.