About LORN

LORN is a research network of obesity units and research laboratories based across the University of Liverpool, Aintree University Hospital and Royal Liverpool and Broadgreen Hospital Trusts. In addition to research activity, LORN helps to organise regional and national meetings on obesity.

The University of Liverpool has a long history of research into the biology of energy regulation, obesity and obesity related illness.  In March 2005, LORN was convened to promote existing inter-disciplinary research within the University and stimulate new research activity in Liverpool and the North West.

LORN includes a number of research groups; the Human Ingestive Behaviour Laboratory of the Appetite and Obesity Group, Diabetes & Endocrinology Research Clinical Research Unit (clinical studies in diabetes and obesity), the Obesity Biology Unit (adipose tissue and endocrine signalling), Veterinary Science (neurobiology of nutrient sensing, and Europe's only clinical centre for weight control in companion animals 'pets'), Public Health Nutrition and Promotion, and the Epithelial Signalling Research Group (signalling from the gastrointestinal tract). LORN also has a number of other members and associates within the University and associated hospitals. You can read more information about the groups that make up LORN on our contact us.

LORN welcomes members from outside the University of Liverpool.  If you would like to discuss a potential partnership, please members page.

Contents of this site

  • - read about the various groups and units that make up LORN
  • - learn about our current collaborations and potential partnership opportunities
  • - a list of techniques/facilities available to help understand the processes underpining energy regulation
  • ) - details on our method of measuring food intake and subjective ratings of hunger, fullness and palatability during a meal
  • - read about the science behind our work
  • - our research into the environmental and psychological factors that contribute to the development of obesity
  • - details on LORN events and local, national and international obesity related meetings
  • - internal and external links to obesity related resources
  • - contact the LORN team