The researchers in a kitchen preparing food for an experiment

Human Ingestive Behaviour (Kissileff) Laboratory

About the Laboratory

The Human Ingestive Behaviour (Kissileff) Laboratory is a purpose built suite of rooms designed for the experimental study of human eating and the expression of appetite.  It provides possibly the largest dedicated academic facility of its kind in the UK.  It consists of a research kitchen, assessment room, testing rooms, biological assessment laboratory, bioassay laboratory, a media analysis suite, a social eating laboratory and a participant lounge.

It is named in honour of Dr Harry Kissileff from the Obesity Research Center, St. Luke's-Roosevelt Hospital and the Institute of Human Nutrition, Columbia University, New York who developed many of the earliest techniques for measuring human ingestive behaviour. In addition, Dr. Kissileff helped to establish the Society for the Study of Ingestive Behavior, and became its first president in 1987.

The laboratory is located in the Department of Psychological Sciences in the University of Liverpool and has developed close links with the Liverpool Obesity Research Network.