Photo of Dr Marie McIntyre

Dr Marie McIntyre Ph.D, BSc (HONS)

Epidemiologist Livestock & One Health


Personal Statement

With a background in Environmental Science (University of East Anglia) and PhD in wildlife epidemiology (University of Stirling), I have worked in veterinary and human public health in the UK and internationally. At the Pirbright Institute I was a Staff Epidemiologist, working predominantly on scrapie and atypical scrapie, but was also Research Co-Investigator on several large Defra grants. I then became an Advanced Healthcare Scientist in the NW Regional office of Public Health England, after which I moved to the University of Liverpool. At Liverpool, I ran Enhance project (under Prof. Matthew Baylis) examining climate sensitivity of infectious diseases. I led implementation of gastrointestinal disease sampling for the Integrate project (under Prof. Sarah O’Brien). I was Co-Applicant on the EU Cost funded Network for Evaluation of One Health, UK Management Committee Member and lead for work on the environmental dimension of One Health, including writing a chapter describing this in the recently published Integrated approaches to health: a handbook for the evaluation of One Health see here . Currently Curriculum Lead on the One Health Regional Network for the Horn of Africa (HORN) project, I have taught epidemiology and statistics to UK and international students and professionals. I am also Principle Investigator of a project to create an evidence-based risk assessment process for infectious pathogens of particular interest to the xenotransplantation industry. For 2019-21, I am President of the Society of Veterinary Epidemiology and Preventive Medicine. I am particularly interested in the drivers and control measures for infectious and non-infectious disease, with a particular focus on using a One Health ethos and food security.