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Dr Jonathan Read PhD BSc

Lecturer in Epidemiology Epidemiology and Population Health


    Personal Statement

    My research is focused on understanding the transmission of infectious diseases of both humans and animals, with the aim of developing better predictive models for informing infection control strategies and policies.

    A substantial part of this interest lies in understanding the structure of human social networks, and in identifying risk factors for transmission. To this end I am at the leading edge of developing new quantification methods and characterising human social networks, and developing realistic network models of contagious processes.

    I am also interested in the evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases, the sociological and ecological processes that drive evolution, and the implications for control and mitigation.

    My research includes the epidemiology of pneumococcal infection, rotavirus, norovirus, Ebola, seasonal and pandemic influenza, and other respiratory viruses.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Presentation on Ebola research (Invitation to Speak, US State department 2015)
    • Presentation "Can we track viruses in real time, in the real world?" (Keynote Speech, Society for General Microbiology 2014)
    • Lord Robert May Prize for the best paper (2010-2011) (Prize, Journal of Biological Dynamics 2013)
    • "Mathematical epidemiology of zoonotic infections" (Keynote Speech, Veterinary Public Health Association annual conference 2009)
    • "The spread of 'killer' diseases: the maths behind emerging infections and their epidemics" (Keynote Speech, Roayl Society of Public Health, London 2009)
    • Shell Environmental Award (University of York 1991)

    Administrative Roles

    • Member of Ethics sub-committee, University of Liverpool.

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