Prof Diana Williams BSc, PhD

Professor Infection Biology


    Personal Statement

    I am a scientist with an interest in veterinary parasitology - teaching the discipline to undergraduates and post-graduates in addition to deep research interests, which I believe inform my teaching. I have an extensive research programme, funded by BBSRC, Wellcome Trust, EU and Industry.

    Personal Distinctions

    • WAAVP Congress (Keynote Speech, Merial 2011)
    • Invited lecture at the inaugural meeting of the Boyd Orr Centre for Population & Ecosystems Heal (Invitation to Speak, University of Glasgow 2011)
    • • KOL Meeting sponsored by Novartis Animal Health, invited expert on fasciolosis, Edinburgh, 2010 (Invitation to Speak, Novartis Animal Health 2010)
    • Fasciola hepatica - epidemiology and forecasting (Invitation to Speak, EPIC 2009)
    • Immunology Lecture Series (Invitation to Speak, IAH 2008)
    • Exogenous and endogenous transmission of Neospora caninum (Invitation to Speak, BSP 2008)
    • Annual lecture, Irish Society for Parasriology (Invitation to Speak, Irish Society for Parasitology 2007)
    • Neospora caninum: a parasite in tune with its host? (Keynote Speech, ICOPA 2006)
    • Senior Scientific Advisor, International Foundation for Science (International Foundation for Science 2006)
    • Chair: Workshop on protozoan productions Losses in Farm Ruminants (Invitation to Speak, EU COST 845 2006)
    • Associate Diplomate of the European Veterinary Parasitology College (EVPC 2004)
    • Chair, Comparative Veterinary Immunology Group (affl. BSI) (Comparative Veterinary Immunology Group 2002)

    Administrative Roles

    • Member of the Institute Managment Team; module convenor for two undergraduate modules; member of the BVsc and BSc studies boards and member of the BVSc curriculum development group charged with organising 'Disease Processes' theme within the new curriculum.

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