Dr Dan Hungerford MBIolSci DipPH PhD

Epidemology Research Fellow Clinical Infection, Microbiology and Immunology


    Personal Statement

    I am an infectious disease epidemiologist and surveillance scientist. My main research interests involve the the use of "real world" big data for vaccine evaluations and effectiveness studies, focusing on respiratory and diarrhoeal disease in the UK. Previously I worked for Public Health England, specialising in infectious disease surveillance and outbreak investigation and LJMU, Centre for Public Health, developing the Trauma and Injury Intelligence Group surveillance system.

    Personal Distinctions

    • Post-Doctoral Fellowship (Competitive Fellowship, National Institute for Health Research 2018)
    • Finalist: Taking Research into Practice for "Reducing susceptibility to measles" (North West Coast Innovation Awards 2018)
    • Annual Conference (Invitation to Speak, Primary Care and Public Health Conference 2015)
    • Annual Conference (Invitation to Speak, Public Health England National Immunisation Network Meeting 2018)
    • Winner: Delivering Research in Collaboration 2017 for “Reducing childhood illness through improved vaccination uptake” ( North West Coast Innovation Awards 2017)

    Administrative Roles

    • Member of the Institute of Infection and Global Health Public Engagement Panel
    • CGVR Theme Lead - Disease Burden and Vaccine Effectiveness

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