Integrate: Fully-integrated, real-time detection, diagnosis and control of community diarrhoeal disease clusters and outbreaks.

Gastroenteritis is very common – in the UK up to 17 million people are affected annually. Early detection and diagnosis to bring outbreaks under control are vital – limiting the health and financial impact. Surveillance is key to detection but outbreaks are becoming increasingly tricky to detect using traditional methods.

We have received £5.1M from Health Innovation Challenge Fund, (funded jointly by the Wellcome Trust and the Department of Health) and we intend to modernise the approach to surveillance.

We have shown that traditional methods of surveillance are failing because fewer people are going to see their GP – the main means by which illnesses are counted.

Our goal is an integrated real-time, surveillance/diagnosis/investigation system, that detects community outbreaks sooner, enabling health professionals and environmental health officers to intervene quickly and lessen the impact of disease.

This work is being led by Professor Sarah O’Brien with Professor Malcolm Bennett, Dr Rob Christley, Professor Nigel Cunliffe, Professor Susan Dawson, Dr Alan Radford, Professor Craig Winstanley and collaborators from other institutes.

For more information please visit the project website.