Research Groups

The following groups each specialise in world-leading research, working towards one or more of the Institute's research themes


Research GroupGroup LeaderUnderstanding how pathogens cause diseasePioneering diagnostics, treatments and vaccinesEnhancing food safety and food securityTracking emerging and zoonotic infectionsImproving the health of pets, working animals and their owners
Bacterial Pathogenesis and Immunity Professor Aras Kadioglu X X      
Brain Infections Group Professor Tom Solomon X X   X  
ENHanCE: improving knowledge of pathogens and tackling neglected zoonoses Prof Matthew Baylis        X  
Gastrointestinal Infections Group Professor Nigel Cunliffe X X   X  
Gram-negative Bacterial Pathogens Professor Craig Winstanley X X      
Liver fluke at Liverpool Professor Diana Williams         
The Liverpool Livestock Lameness Group Prof Stuart Carter      X    X 
Liverpool University Climate and Infectious Diseases of Animals (LUCINDA) Prof Matthew Baylis      X X  
Microbial Evolution, Genomics and Adaptation Dr Daniel Neill X X      
People & Animals & Their Health in Society (PATHS) Dr Rob Christley      X  X  X
Respiratory and Emerging Viruses Group Professor Julian Hiscox X        
The Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET) Dr Alan Radford    X    X
Veterinary Parasitology

Prof Diana Williams

  X X   X
Veterinary Pathobiology
Professor Stuart Carter   X  X    
Zoonotic and Emerging Diseases Professor Eric Fevre        X  

Zoonotic Infections in People, Pigs and Poultry (ZIPPP)

Professor Sarah O'Brien     X X