Welcome to the IGH Podcast. Our monthly episodes will cover a range of topics and share our breadth of cutting edge research on infectious diseases and global health.

Episode 1: Salmonella and Eggs - What can we eat?

Research Challenge: Food Security

Professor Paul Wigley, Professor of Avian Infection and Immunity at the University of Liverpool, talks about his research

Episode 2: Viruses in Wild Rodents - Why do we monitor them?

Ellen Murphy, PhD Student, talks about her work monitoring viral diseases in wild rodent populations in the UK.

Episode 3: Antibiotic Use in Companion Animal Medicine

Research Challenge: Antimicrobial resistance

David Singleton, PhD Student, talks about his work on the Small Animal Veterinary Surveillance Network (SAVSNET)

Episode 4: Pet Rats and Farm Rats - Why are they viewed differently?

Charlotte Robin, PhD Student, talks to us about her research looking at society's attitude to rats. During her PhD she interviewed farmers, pest control workers and pet rat owners (sections of society which have opposing relationships with rats) to discover how different people view rats.

Episode 5: Finding Vaccine Targets for Leptospirosis

Research Challenge: Vaccines

This month we talked to PhD Student Dr Intan Kamaruzaman, who is working on identifying suitable targets for Leptospirosis vaccines.

Episode 5: Understanding changes in lungworm epidemiology and predicting outbreaks

Research Challenge: Food Security

PhD student Catherine McCarthy talks about her work looking into the changing picture of lungworm epidemiology in the UK.