Public engagement activities

We get involved with a whole range of public engagement activities; from hosting events at festivals and museums to debates and talks, and sci-art collaborations.


We regularly take part in the Faculty Meet the Scientists series, which takes place at the World Museum. Our activities have so far covered topics such as brain infections, food safety, immunology and campylobacter. The events have welcomed thousands of people to date with people travelling from far and wide, and have given people a real flavour of the research we do at the University. Visit the Meet the Scientists website to find out more and for upcoming dates.




We have taken part in a variety of festivals up and down the country! Highlights include:

 - A Twisted Bug's Life at the Great British Bioscience Festival
 - Agent of F.L.U at the University of Liverpool's Festival of Ideas 
 - Germ War Craft at the Green Man Festival
 - Make a Microbe at Bluedot Festival‌


Christmas Lecture‌

Our Christmas lecture has proved to be a really big success! With the help of Santa and Rudolf, children learn about germs, what they are and how they can make you poorly. The lecture finishes with some simple practical tips for children on how they can stop themselves (and their friends) getting ill. Find out more and listen to our Infection ‌Christmas Jingle!


Creative projects

‌‌‌Our researchers have collaborated with artists and filmmakers on projects that have explored contemporary science in a creative (and even record-breaking!) way. Highlights include:

Big Brain Guinness World Record
- The Art of Science
- The Mending Project

Talks and debates‌‌‌‌

From giving talks about influenza at the local SciBar to hosting debates about women in science, our researchers take part in a variety of events that are open to the general public. Highlights include:

- Women in Leadership lecture
- Brain on Fire author book discussion