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Self-funded PhDs

The Institute of Infection and Global Health was established in 2010 to bring together leading infection and global health researchers from across the University. It integrates veterinary, medical and basic sciences to address major infectious diseases of humans and animals in the UK and globally and has built a track record of research excellence, embracing the “One Health” concept of disease control. Researchers in the institute have long-term funding through BBSRC, MRC, and Welcome Trust and are world-recognised leaders in their respective fields.

We now have several exciting opportunities to work under the supervision of Investigators in the following areas.

Professor Aras Kadioglu - Bacterial respiratory infectious diseases, Host immunity to respiratory infections, Development of vaccines & therapeutics.

Professor Anna Maria Geretii - Antiviral therapy and resistance, Viral pathogenesis, HIV, Hepatitis B.

Professor Alan Radford - Animal Health Informatics, AMR and AM use, Genomics applied to viruses and companion animal disease.

Dr Ben Makepeace - Arthropod-borne zoonoses, Vector genomics, Sybiont-mediated control.

Dr Michael Benedict – Encephalitis, Innate immunology, Virology.

Dr Cyril Caminade - Climate change impacts on health, Risk modeling of insect-borne diseases, Climate and nematodes.

Professor Cheng Hock Toh - Critical Care medicine, incl. sepsis, pancreatitis, trauma, etc. Immunology, incl. role of DAMP in multiple organ failure, sepsis development and immunosuppression, and complement activation and coagulation disorders.

Professor Diana Williams - Fasciola biology and Veterinary parasitology.

Professor Enitan Carrol - Biomarkers of infection, Serious bacterial infection, Sepsis.

Professor Eric Fevre – Epidemiology, Zoonoses, Infectious disease biology.

Professor Gerry Davies - Tuberculosis and other mycobacterial infections, Pharmacology and pharmacokinetics of anti-microbials, Antimicrobial resistance.

Dr Kannan Ganapathy - Poultry pathogenesis, Poultry vaccinology, Poultry immunology.

Professor Gina Pinchbeck - AMR in veterinary context, Equine veterinary epidemiology, Working equid health in developing countries.

Dr Hannah Rose Vineer - Multi-scale modelling of complex systems: ticks, tick-borne disease, climate, wildlife and policy. Parasite adaptation to climate change. The role of climate in sustainable parasite control in domestic animals (endoparasites in horses and ruminants) and the development of anthelmintic (drug) resistance.

Dr Janine Coombes - Host-parasite interactions in the intestinal epithelium. Imaging the dynamics of the immune response to infection. Macrophages in flu infection.

Professor James Stewart - Virology. Immunology. Vaccines.

Dr Nicholas Evans – Veterinary bacteriology: spirochetes. Understanding bacterial pathogenesis. Bovine digital dermatitis.

Professor Matthew Baylis - Vector-borne disease. Health. Climate and health.

Dr Peers Davies - Livestock AMR in the animal and their environment. Epidemiology of sheep or cattle production limiting infectious diseases (especially lameness, neonatal mortality, Maedi Visna, CLA, Border Disease, Ovine paratuberculosis, CLA & OPA). Farmer & Veterinary practitioner usage/benchmarking of antibiotics.

Professor Paul Wigley - Bacterial infections of poultry. Avian immunology. Avian intestinal microbiome.

Dr Qibo Zhang - Infection immunology/mucosal immunity. Vaccine immunology. Respiratory virus and immunity