Neurological Science PhD/MPhil/MD

Major code: NPPR (PhD), NPMR (MPhil), NPMD (MD)

About us

Institute of Infection and Global Health

Liverpool has had a leading international reputation in infection research, tropical medicine and global health for more than 150 years.

The University of Liverpool’s Institute of Infection and Global Health was established to bring together leading medical, veterinary and basic science researchers from across the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences.  It also complements other strengths in Liverpool, including the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, the Wolfson Centre for Personalised Medicine, the Medicines for Children Research Network, and the Wellcome Trust Tropical Centre with its associated PhD programme. We also enjoy close and active collaboration with NHS colleagues through the Liverpool Health Partners Academic Health Science System.

The Institute has 101 full-time academic staff, including 21 professors, as well as 39 professional services staff and 90 research students. Our annual budget is £4.2 million, and £6.6 million was awarded in new research income this year.

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Professor Tom Solomon

At Liverpool, we have a long standing pedigree of excellence, we were home to the world’s first Nobel Prize winner in medicine, and are still at the cutting edge of medical research today.

What do you find most interesting about your job at Liverpool?

My role is incredibly varied and I get to work in three very different areas. As a neurologist, I’m a doctor to patients at both the Walton Centre and the Royal Liverpool University Hospital. I’m a teacher, teaching medical students and researchers. I’ m also involved in active research, heading up the Institute of Infection and Global Health, bringing together leading researchers from across the university from a wide range of disciplines.

 What excites you most about your subject?

My specialism, Infection and Global Health, deals with some of the major challenges to mankind. We thought we’d conquered infections in the past, but there are new diseases emerging all the time and they spread quickly around the world. There are always new developments and new things to discover. For me, it really is one of the most interesting areas of medicine and science.