Photo of Dr Kai Hoettges

Dr Kai Hoettges PhD

Lecturer Electrical Engineering and Electronics


    Personal Statement

    Kai has a degree in chemical engineering (Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein, Germany) and has studied for his PhD in microfluidic devices at the University of Surrey. After his PhD he has worked at the medical engineering group at the University of Surrey and has developed technologies for characterisation, separation and assembly of cells and nanoparticles using dielectrophoresis (DEP) and AC electrohydrodynamics.
    He has further interests in lab on a chip, miniaturised bioreactors and laboratory automation.
    He is co-founded several companies:
    DEPtech, has commercialised cell characterisation technology for life science and diagnostic applications based on work at Surrey.
    Deparator is commercialising Cell enrichment technologies based on work at Surrey
    PhenuTest Limited commercialising Antibiotic susceptibility testing for urinary tract infection based on work at the Unversity of Liverpool.
    Since Dec 2014 he is a Lecturer at the University of Liverpool, pursuing his research on DEP and bioreactors.