What is the announcement system?

The announcement system is a channel for issuing key messages to staff and/or students. Announcements submitted through the system appear in these locations:

  • Staff Digital University (
  • Student Digital University (
  • Announcement Viewer (available from the CSD Icon in the system tray on your PC)

How do I read announcements?

You can read announcements using the standalone Announcement Viewer available on any desktop PC/laptop running the Managed Windows Service (MWS). When you are away from campus and unable to log into the MWS (or do not use the MWS), then we recommend that you use the Digital University to read announcements in your web browser. You can also access announcements on our website at:

Using the Announcement Viewer

Right click on the CSD icon in the system tray

Click Launch Announcement Viewer to open the application

CSD tray icon

To read an announcement, click on the title - the full text will then be displayed

To return to the list of unread announcements, click on the back button in the top left: Announcement Viewer - back button

If you read, or delete, an announcement then it will disappear from your list of unread announcements

To view all active announcements, whether you have read them or not, click on the All Announcements button to the left of the Announcements window:

 Announcement Viewer - all announcements

Click the category for the announcements you wish to read:

  • University Announcements - key messages for/about the University 
  • General Announcements (Staff) - news and information for staff
  • General Announcements (Student) - news and information for students
  • Information Services Announcements (staff/students) - key messages about IT and Library services, from Computing Services Department and the University Library
  • Guild Announcements - important announcements from the Liverpool Guild of Students (only students are able to read items in this category)
  • Your Department - key messages issued by your home Department

You can also subscribe to each announcement category and read messages through an RSS reader or email client.

Using the Digital University

If you access the Digital University off campus, you will be prompted to log in with your MWS username and password.

There are two portlets containing announcements in the Student Digital University - one for general announcements, and the other for announcements from Computing Services about IT services:

Student announcements - general   Student announcements - CSD

There is only one portlet in the Staff Digital University but this is divided into two subsections - one for general announcements, and the other for CSD Announcements about IT services: 

Staff announcements

How do I submit an announcement?

Staff and students can submit announcements through the announcement system. Detailed instructions are available to guide you through the process. All announcements are subject to approval.