Obesity and Endocrinology (Medicine) MPhil/PhD/MD

Major code: EBMR/EBPR/EBMD

About us

Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease

Our research activity ranges from molecule to population, laboratory to bedside, and we have over 100 research active staff creating new insights into patients, lifestyles, health issues, bioscience, epidemiology and care.

These insights are translating into real world benefits, whether it's the new approaches we developed to prevent muscle wasting in intensive care patients or the retina scan we created to detect cerebral malaria in African children.

Delivering this kind of return on investment's helped us attract solid funding. Our annual budget stands at £11m and income at £5m, with partners including Wellcome Trust, UK Research Councils, NIH (USA), Unilever and GSK.

With our extensive in-house research facilities and strong UK and global academic partners, we're well-placed to continue our mission and realise our ambitious plans in the ageing and chronic disease field.

The Institute of Ageing & Chronic Disease provides a powerful focus for understanding the many variables - from bioscience to social - that influence ageing and chronic disease in people throughout their lives.

We've integrated our world-renowned departments in musculoskeletal biology, eye and vision sciences, and obesity and endocrinology to take a truly holistic approach to the field. This is magnified further by our extensive partnerships.

Institute of Ageing and Chronic Disease

Our research is translating into real world benefits.

We offer specialist research training programmes in all of these areas. Training in other areas is provided by the University's Graduate School.

Our students are guided and supported throughout their studies by a regular Personal Development Review, and a programme of annual assessment including written reports, seminar presentations and advisory panels with experienced academics.