Musculoskeletal Biology II

Head of Department

Kemp, Prof Graham Interim Head of Department  0151 794 9493 
Smith, Ms Brenda PA to Head of Department  0151 794 9003 


Barrett-Jolley, Prof Richard Professor  0151 794 9089 
Cuthbertson, Prof Dan Professor (Clinical)  0151 529 5911 
De Magalhaes, Prof Joao Pedro Professor  0151 795 4517 
Jackson, Prof Malcolm Professor  0151 794 9081 
Jeffery, Prof Nathan Professor  0151 794 9086 
McArdle, Prof Anne Professor  0151 794 9059 


Welters, Dr Ingeborg Reader 

Senior Lecturers

Bates, Dr Karl Senior Lecturer   0151 794 9075 
D'Aout, Dr Kris Senior Lecturer   0151 794 9077 
Iwanejko, Dr Lesley Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9078 
Marshall, Dr Andrew Senior Clinical Lecturer in Pain Medicine 
Vasilaki, Dr Aphrodite Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9069 
Whysall, Dr Kasia Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9076 


Barraclough, Dr Dong Lecturer  0151 794 9073 
Geraghty, Dr Brendan Tenure Track Fellow 
Isanejad, Dr Masoud Tenure Track Fellow 
Pekovic-Vaughan, Dr Vanja Lecturer   0151 794 9093 
Sharp, Dr Alana Lecturer  0151 795 7725 
Turner, Dr David Tenure Track Fellow 
Wilkinson, Dr David Tenure Track Fellow  0151 795 1205 


Brown, Dr Emily Clinical Research Fellow  0151 529 6464 
Camp, Dr Ariel Postdoctoral Research Fellow  0151 794 9318 
Celik, Dr Numan Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Charles, Dr James Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Cudejko, Dr Tomasz Postdoctoral Research Associate 
De Almeida Lopes, Miss Ines Research Assistant (Database Curator) 
Farooq, Mrs Zoya Research Assistant 
Gardiner, Dr James Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Jones, Dr Samantha Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Kanakis, Dr Ioannis Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Kissane, Dr Roger Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Lagger, Dr Cyril Research Fellow 
Marek, Mr Ryan Postdoctoral Research Associate 
O'Brien, Dr Fiona Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Olesen, Miss Mie Marie Curie Early Stage Research Associate 
Palmer, Dr Daniel Bioinformatician 
Pollock, Dr Natalie Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9085 
Raina, Dr Priyanka Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Soriano Arroquia, Dr Ana Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Staunton, Miss Caroline Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9153 
Stretton, Dr Clare Postdoctoral Research Associate 

Technical Staff

Carter, Dr Alan Research Technician  0151 794 9057 
Hemmings, Miss Kay Research Technician 

Post Graduate Students

Abdul Kadir, Miss Lina PhD Student 
Al Duhneen, Mr Abdulhadi PhD Student 
Alkahtani, Ms Miral PhD Student 
Allen, Ms Alexandra PhD Student 
Ashwin, Miss Helen PhD Student 
Avelar, Mr Roberto PhD Student 
Bardell, Mr David PhD Student 
Bin Rahmat Sam, Mr Mohd Fuad PhD Student 
Boonarpha, Mr Nattapon PhD Student 
Chatsirisupachai, Mr Kasit PhD Student 
Chen, Mr Kunqi PhD Student 
Cotton, Miss Caroline PhD Student 
Curtis, Mr Rory PhD Student 
Davison, Mr Andrew PhD Student 
Dawood, Mrs Nihad PhD Student 
de Sousa Brito, Miss Francesca Manuela PhD Student 
Edogbanya, Mr Unekwu-Ojo Jacob PhD Student 
Giakoumaki, Ms Ifigeneia PhD Student 
Goh, Ms Colleen PhD Student 
Grant, Miss Barbara PhD Student 
Guest, Mr Lewis PhD Student 
Haidar, Mr Omar PhD Student 
Hemmings, Miss Kay PhD Student 
Hughes, Mrs Rosemary PhD Student 
Humphreys, Mr Craig PhD Student 
Hussein, Dr Ahmed PhD Student 
Janvier, Mr A PhD Student   
Maher, Miss Alice PhD Student 
Manson, Miss Amy PhD Student 
Marek, Mr Ryan PhD Student 
Marrin, Mr John PhD Student 
Norman, Miss Juliette PhD Student 
Olesen, Miss Mie Kronborg PhD Student 
Olesen, Miss Mie PhD Student 
Owen, Mr Euan PhD Student 
Richards, Mr Ian PhD Student 
Rogers, Miss Eve PhD Student 
Roskell, Miss Clare PhD Student 
Sarumi, Miss Haolat Damilola PhD Student 
Scalabrin, Mr Mattia PhD Student 
Scotto di Mase, Mr Michele PhD Student 
Shigdar, Mr Shah PhD Student 
Thomas, Mr Neil PhD Student 
Vickerton, Miss Paula PhD Student  0151 794 5486 
Webster, Miss Emma PhD Student 

Honorary Staff

Blanchard, Dr Mary Honorary Research Fellow   
Bowden Davies, Miss Kelly Honorary Research Associate 
Crompton, Prof Robin Honorary Research Fellow 
Griffiths, Em P Richard Professor of Medicine (Intensive Care) 
Gunther, Dr Michael Honorary Research Fellow 
Hannan, Dr Fadil Honorary Lecturer 
New, Mr Paul Honorary Research Assistant  0151 794 9256 
Ranganath, Dr L Honorary Professor   
Rhodes, Dr Nick Honorary Lecturer 
Saithna, Prof Adnan Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Sharma, Dr A Hon Clinical Senior Lecturer   
Singer, Dr Ellen Honorary Researcher 
Sprung, Dr Tori Honorary Research Associate 
Wibberley, Dr Anna Honorary Fellow   
Winder, Dr Isabelle Honorary Research Associate 

Associate Members

O'Neill, Dr Francis 
Pickavance, Dr Lucy    
Verin, Dr Ranieri