Musculoskeletal Biology I

Head of Department

Comerford, Prof Eithne Head of Department  0151 794 6568 
Dougherty, Mrs Linda PA to Head of Department  0151 794 9019 


Bou-Gharios, Prof George Professor  0151 794 9061 
Clegg, Prof Peter Professor  0151 794 6077 
Gallagher, Prof James Professor  0151 794 9063 
German, Prof Alex Professor 
Moots, Prof Robert Professor & Head of Rheumatology Research Group  0151 529 5889 
Peffers, Prof Mandy Professor   0151 795 6006 
Van 'T Hof, Prof Rob Professor  0151 794 9067 


Laird, Dr Elizabeth Reader  0151 794 6026 

Senior Lecturers

Daroszewska, Dr Anna Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 794 9058 
Goodson, Dr Nick Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 529 5925 
Maddox, Dr Tom Senior Lecturer   0151 795 6226 
Milner, Dr Peter Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9040 
Tew, Dr Simon Senior Lecturer  0151 794 9029 
Walmsley, Dr Gemma Senior Lecturer   0151 794 9309 


Henstock, Dr James Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 9164 
Oldershaw, Dr Rachel Lecturer  0151 794 6111 
Poulet, Dr Blandine Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 9074 
Wright, Dr Helen Versus Arthritis Career Development Fellow / Tenure Track Fellow  0151 795 4457 
Yamamoto, Dr Kazuhiro Versus Arthritis Career Development Fellow / Tenure Track Fellow  0151 794 9860 


Anderson, Dr James Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Ashraf Kharaz, Mrs Yalda Postdoctoral Research Associate  0151 794 9289 
Beamish, Dr Emma Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Butcher, Dr Andrew Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Cross, Dr Andy Research Associate  0151 529 5933 
Dillon, Ms Jane Research Associate  0151 794 9064 
Lee, Dr Katie Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Liu, Dr Ke Research Associate  0151 794 9065 
Morgan, Dr Rhiannon Postdoctoral Research Associate 
Norman, Mr Brendan Research Assistant 
Sutherland, Dr Hazel Research Associate  0151 794 9062 
Wilson, Dr Peter Research Assistant  0151 794 9066 
Zamboulis, Miss Danae Postdoctoral Research Associate 

Technical Staff

Eyre, Miss Kelly Veterinary Nurse (Assessment of Ageing in Cats) 
Prior, Miss Amanda Research Technician  0151 794 9135 
Woods, Mrs Georgiana Royal Canin Weight Management Clinic Nurse  0151 795 6203 

Associate Members

Anderson, Dr Marina Senior Clinical Lecturer  0151 529 5915 
Hodgkiss-Geere, Dr Hannah 
Ireland, Dr Joanne 
Killick, Dr David 
McConnell, Mr Fraser Senior Lecturer in Veterinary Diagnostic Imaging  0151 795 6218 
McGowan, Prof Cathy Associate Member  0151 794 6152 
Pettitt, Prof Rob 
Rubio Martinez, Dr Luis   0151 794 6041  

Honorary staff

Arshad, Dr Farath Honorary Research Fellow 
Hinrichs, Katrin Honorary Research Fellow   
Keenan, Dr Craig Honorary Research Associate 
Mcnicholas, Dr Michael Honorary Senior Lecturer 
Sparks, Dr Christopher Honorary Research Fellow (Clinical) 
Turlo, Dr Agnieszka Honorary Research Fellow 
Zhao, Dr Sizheng Honorary Research Assistant (Clinical) 

Post Graduate Students

Alawadhi, Mrs Eman PhD Student 
Alhashmi, Mr Mohammad PhD Student 
Alkharabsheh, Mr Sahem PhD Student 
Avelar, Mr Roberto PhD Student 
Balaskas, Mr Panagiotis PhD Student 
Bilir, Miss Emine Kubra PhD student 
Carslake, Mr Harry PhD Student  0151 795 6166 
Barrow, Miss Megan PhD Student 
Davison, Mr Andrew PhD Student 
de Sousa Brito, Miss Francesca Manuela PhD Student 
Dowgray, Ms Nathalie PhD Student 
Duffield, Mr Stephen PhD Student 
Eagle, Mr Mark PhD Student 
Ehrle, Miss Anna PhD Student 
Frost, Miss Stephanie Postgraduate Student 
Ghanameh, Ms Zain PhD student 
Harley, Miss Sarah PhD Student 
Hughes, Mr Andrew PhD Student 
Hughes, Miss Juliette PhD Student 
Janvier, Mr Adam PhD Student 
Johnson, Miss Emily PhD Student 
Johnson, Miss Kirsty PhD Student   
Khedr, Dr Milad PhD Student 
Lee, Miss Katie PhD Student  0151 795 6006 
Lewis, Miss Niamh PhD Student 
Lim, Miss Jacqueline Siew Yeen PhD Student 
Lipreri, Dr Giulia PhD Student 
Malalana Martinez, Mr Fernando PhD Student 
Meschis, Miss Maria Martina PhD Student 
Morgan, Dr Rhiannon PhD Student 
Norman, Mr Brendan PhD Student   
O'Loughlin, Miss Danielle PhD Student 
Ramos Mucci, Mr Lorenzo PhD Student 
Rocchigiani, Mr Guido PhD Student 
Rothwell, Mr Paul 
Schnauffer, Ms Karen PhD Student 
Scotto di Mase, Mr Michele PhD Student 
Shorter, Miss Emily PhD Student 
Smagul, Mr Aibek PhD Student 
Tatum, Mrs Rebecca PhD Student 
Zaripova, Ms Lina PhD Student 
Zhao, Dr Sizheng PhD Student 
Zimmer, Mr Christoph PhD Student