Photo of Dr Lesley Iwanejko

Dr Lesley Iwanejko PhD

Lecturer in Genetics Musculoskeletal Biology II


Research Interest 1

My specific interests are in interdisciplinary research and include using molecular techniques to study DNA repair and recombination processes in fungi, recently extending this to include studying the role of DNA damage and modifications and the ageing process in human volunteers and in model organisms, much of this in collaboration with Dr A McArdle and Professor M Jackson (Department of Medicine).

Research Grants
  • Cloning and characterisation of enzymes required for the in vitro synthesis of the antimalarial artemisinin.
  • A PCR based technique for cloning the sites of oxidative DNA damage and measuring the 'in vivo' protective effects of dietary antioxidants.
  • Sensing and the biological response in plants (SENSIBLE).
Research Collaborations

Deryn Rees-Jones


We have set up the Liverpool Centre for Poetry and Science, that has a web-site, organises workshops and brings together scientists and poets to dicuss ideas.

Andrew Carnell


The group is a cross-disciplinary collaboration. Projects in the group combine our expertise in chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology to search for and develop, using technologies such as directed evolution, enzymes with altered characteristics.

Ann McArdle


research into oxidative stress and the aging process

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